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Capitol File chronicles and celebrates the most influential people, cultural outlets, fashion-savvy residents, and philanthropic leaders in the Washington, DC metropolitan region. Capitol File connects readers with the true movers and shakers of Washington with insighIul stories, bold-faced contributors and shines the spotlight on the halls of power, taking people inside the most instrumental and most talked about city in the world.

To support The Shops At Fairfax Square’s brand initiatives, Capitol File has developed a custom digital gift guide sponsorship program that will assist in generating buzz and awareness of your retail properties and driving traffic for featured retail promotions. 


Partnership strategy 

Capitol File will work in consultation with Fairfax Square to create and promote engaging online content. The program will last for 4 weeks over the 2016 holiday season and consist of 4 elements:

1. Online Gift Guide - Dedicated Landing Page

Capitol File will produce a dedicated landing page relating to The Shops at Fairfax Square, featuring an online gift guide with featured retailers and products. Each gift guide item will be showcased with a beautiful image, brief description of the item, and a hyperlink to the corresponding website so that readers can get more info or make the online purchase. Items and creative relating to the gift guide will be provided by The Shops at Fairfax Square.  

2. Email Marketing

The Shops at Fairfax Square has the opportunity to reach our list of high-quality, opt in subscribers via our email marketing program, with inclusion in both of the following: 
Monthly Capitol File e-newsletters, via promo edit or leaderboard display ad.  
Dedicated e-blasts. Content can be determined after consultation between The Shops at Fairfax Square & Capitol File content editors, but could possibly include a giveaway/competition. Capitol File is then able to provide The Shops at Fairfax Square with the user data (including email addresses) of all subscribers who click to enter, for The Shops at Fairfax Square to use for their own purposes. Alternatively, e-blast can be used for general promotion, or promotion of the custom landing page.

3. Social Media Promotion

Capitol File will promote The Shops at Fairfax Square to our engaged followers via our social media channels. Content can be determined after consultation between The Shops at Fairfax Square & Capitol File content editors.

4. ROS Advertising

Capitol File will provide The Shops at Fairfax Square House Priority ROS advertising for the duration of the program (970x90 large leaderboard, 300x250 medium rectangle, 300x600 half page, and 728x90 interstitial).


- Custom landing page on, running for 4 weeks
- Promotion edit inclusion in December e-newsletter
- 1 Dedicated e-blast, with option for user data share
- 2 sponsored Instagram posts
- 2 sponsored Tweets
- 2 sponsored Facebook posts
- 1 month House Priority ROS advertising

Total comittment: $3,000




Through our strategic distribution model and significant investment in verified data from Nielsen Claritas, GreenGale Publishing is the only regional, lifestyle publishing company that is guaranteed to reach the sophisticated and affluent audience in each of our cities.

• Annual Household Income of $200,000 or More

• Income-Producing Assets of $750,000 or More


• The 6 sites outlined in this proposal receive over 30,000 unique visitors a month, and generate over 60,000 pageviews

• We maintain a strong social presence around the US, with 19,400+ Twitter followers,  7,500+ Facebook likes, and 5,000+ Instagram followers across the 6 sites outlined in this proposal.

• We also have a strong email marketing platform, with 5,000+ opt-in email addresses.


• Our sites use a custom PHP backend, which allows us greater flexibility with custom content than our competitiors. Sites are fully scalable, and optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile. 








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For further information, please contact Suzy Jacons

[email protected]