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D.C. Trainers Tell Us Their Favorite Workout Move for Summer

By Lydia Geisel | January 4, 2018 | Lifestyle

Whether you’re hitting the gym on a daily basis or searching for an alternative regime to stay in shape this season, there will always be a new fitness challenge to conquer. For wintertime body secrets, we asked local fitness gurus to dish on their favorite of-the-moment move and why it’s beneficial.

Cassia Denton, Trainer at Balance Gym Foggy Bottom: Turkish Get-Up


“The Turkish Get-Up is one of the most functional, full-body movements out there. It forces you to have great core strength and shoulder stabilization, as well as teaches you how to drive through your hips to stand up.”

Charo Bishop, Studio Manager at barre3 14th Street: Inner-Thigh Bridge


"I love inner-thigh bridge lifts because they open up your whole front body—hips, heart, abdominal wall—and they strengthen your glutes and sneaky inner-thighs. To get into this posture, lie on your back with knees bent and feet on the floor. Zip the center line of your legs together from your big toe all the way up through the thighs. Drive your heels down to lift your hips up. Slowly lower the hips back to the floor, keeping your ribs anchored and your thighs together. You will feel your hamstrings, core, adductors and glutes fire while lengthening the front line of your body."

Colleen Palomaa, Personal Trainer at VIDA Fitness: TRX Lunge


"The TRX Lunge is perfect—even though it's not easy—because it targets the glutes and can be done anywhere a TRX strap connects! If you don't have TRX straps, you can do the same lunge move on a bench or anywhere that keeps the back leg elevated."

Alicia Sokol, Owner, barre3 14th Street: Figure Four Stretch


"Lately, I've been teaching figure four stretch with a gentle flow. Stand on one foot and cross the opposite ankle just above the knee. Flex the foot and roll the ankle. Gently lower the hips back to deepen the stretch, then push through the standing foot to lift tall to standing. You can use a waist height surface like a chair or kitchen counter to help balance."

Susie Powell, Personal Trainer at VIDA Fitness: Burpee Jumping Jacks


"Start with a burpee: crouch down, jump back into a plank, come back to crouching position, and then jump up. As you come up from the burpee go right into a jumping jack! To make it more challenging, you can add a push up while you're in plank position. Your legs, chest, back, core, and arms will be feeling this total body movement. There's no equipment necessary, so no excuses."

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Photography courtesy Anna Meyer