Escape D.C. This Weekend for a Visit to The Cove in the Bahamas

By Stephanie Davis Smith | May 21, 2019 | Lifestyle Travel

Escape the now tiresome frosty weather in the luminous southern waters of Eleuthera.


Some respite seekers want to mix it up at a commercial resort with a bustling pool and bar scene filled wall to wall with partygoers.

Others cherish the words “intimate” and “exclusive” in a quiet spot with their kind of people. The latter are the sort you’ll find at The Cove, Eleuthera in Gregory Town, Bahamas. Unlike those large properties, the retreat is a 57-room boutique hotel with a mix of secluded villas and suites that look out onto Caribbean waters from two private beaches.

Relaxation comes easily with the unspoiled enclave of 40 acres—conveniently filled with hammocks. Boating, paddleboarding, kayaking, snorkeling and conch shell diving are all on the docket as well. Or try a special experiential excursion, such as seeing the island by horseback, swimming with the pigs (it’s a thing!), lionfish hunting or exploring native anchialine ponds hidden under craggy rocks throughout the island. Foodies can orchestrate a night of private beach dining or a beach bonfire through the resort for a true VIP kick-start to the trip. Suites from $799 per night, villas from $1,999 per night,

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