Michelle Obama's Tailor is Starting Her Own Clothing Line

By Gary Duff | July 29, 2019 | Style & Beauty

After working as Michelle Obama's personal tailor since 2009, Christy Tilling moves to unveil a new 11-look bespoke collection of clothing.


The collection—comprised of flowy chiffon blouses and petticoats, wide leg palazzo pants and a variety of blazers and dresses—has a range of items from $1,100 to $12,000.

“I’ve always appreciated the incredible artistry in all of Christy’s work. Her attention to detail and master tailoring has always left me feeling confident and beautiful, no matter what I’m wearing." said first lady Michelle Obama in a statement. "With her years of experience, her new line of custom pieces will be a breath of fresh air for women everywhere.”


Before working with first lady Michelle Obama, Rilling worked at Vogue alongside its fashion director, Tonne Goodman.

The 11-piece bespoke collection is available online now.

Photography by: Photography by Laurie Simmons/Christy Rilling Studios