Actress Regina Hall on Making Movies with Meaning

By Michael M. Clements | August 29, 2018 | People

DC native Regina Hall continues her ascent as a Hollywood leading lady.


With SXSW comedy darling Support the Girls currently in theaters and the adaptation of New York Times best-seller The Hate U Give set to drop in October, Regina Hall is making movies and sparking discourse. “I’m definitely politically aware. I think politics are important. I use my voice with my vote,” she tells me. She is also making statements with her projects—films like Girls Trip and Support the Girls are resonating with women. “We’re in a time of recognizing sisterhood, self-empowerment and female empowerment. It’s a great moment of supporting each other and standing up with each other,” she says. Is she seeing change in Hollywood? “Ideally, we’re heading toward a solution. I will say that I’m not afraid to age in the industry, and I’m seeing a lot of great roles for women of all ages, races and sizes,” she says. Her character in The Hate U Give talks a lot about “code switching,” something she experienced growing up in DC. “I went to a predominantly white school, but grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood. I felt empowered by being able to balance both worlds,” she relates. As for favorite DC memories, the ’80s child laughs and says, “The Go-Go’s!” However, if her childhood friend Muriel Bowser wins re-election as mayor, she says she’s “ready to celebrate with her ’90s style.”